Making New Homes Greener

Making New Homes Greener

There is a new trend in building environmentally friendly homes using sustainable design.  The goal is to have the minimal impact possible on the environment without using any non-renewable resources and it brings the community together with nature.  Developers and home builders need to be very careful when it comes to things like where to build, building plans, materials and the entire project management process.

Making new homes greener

Making new homes greener means doing this during the construction process like choosing non-toxic alternatives to traditional materials.  You also need to use materials that come from recycled materials or that use minimal energy consumption to produce.  Selecting materials that lasts longer and is more durable also allows us to reduce the need for replacement and keep cycles closed.  Homes can’t be harmful to either the occupants nor to the environment that they are built in.

Home Plans for a Greener Home

There are bunch of architects, engineers and governmental organizations that are looking into sustainable science and how it can be translated into construction methods.  This means building with fewer limited resources, using renewable natural resources and not polluting the environment.  One of the cooler aspects of sustainable home construction is how the manage to make your home more efficient when it comes to heating and cooling your home.  They use alternative energy sources like ground heat pumps, solar technology for heating water and generating electricity.  Homes are built from recycled materials where ever you can find them.  Have a look at what greener home look like in the future.

Using renewable resources and energy is the whole basis for making new homes greener.  Solar, geothermal, solar, biofuels and wind energy are all resources used in sustainable technology and construction.  Wind is one of the fastest growing energy sources being used today, while Europe has taken advantage of wind technology for years but now North America is slowing catching on.  The goal is to have homes running without the use of any fossil fuels, this will eliminate pollution rather than just reducing it.

This is actually happening now.  Back in 2004 the city of Freiburg, Germany built a 59 unit housing community, this is the first community that not only reduced consumption but creates a positive energy balance.  These homes are not only built with renewable and recyclable materials they are built to be easily repaired should they need be.  This isn’t just the homes themselves but also the furniture and appliances too.  This is what the future of sustainable design looks like.

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