How Hiring a Business Coach Made our Sustainability Design Business Economically Sustainable

It might sound like a game of words but it is essentially right.  Our company was spiraling down and the last thing we could even think about is making a new hire.  We had a great idea to hold up a sustainability design but we were running short on resources.

We ultimately decided to hire a business coach to help our endeavors.  This is how it all turned out.

Hiring a Coach

So we went into the adventure of hiring a business coach.  Our business had a good start but then we saw how resources started to grow thinner. It seemed like we knew squat about how to generate significant income.

After pondering and going through the cons and pros, we decided to hire one.  Now, let me tell you, at its moment, we saw more cons than pros but we felt inspired by the reviews of this Business Coach Vancouver.

What we Expected

So once we hired the business help, we located the areas in which we thought we needed help.  These areas were:

  • A revision of books and an analysis of the trends that favoured growth or decline.  Identify them and reproduce the good ones and discard the bad ones.
  • A solid strategy to generate solid income that would allow us to provide the same low-cost sustainability proposals.  Being sustainable has to do with being economical too, so we needed to find a balance in this regard.
  • Plan of action on how to acquire financial benefits short term.  In plain English, we needed at least short money now!

There were some other things that we needed to be done but these were basically them.

What we Got

Still being skeptical, we welcomed our coach and very kindly offered to take a look at our books.  Needless to say, I was impressed at the fact that she knew exactly what we needed without us even mentioning it.

So on she went into checking the records and she started pointing out what was our up hills and our drop-downs.  Quickly, she helped us elaborate strategies that were then split into smaller projects.

Very quickly we started to watch some positive income.  The one thing that really impressed me was to realize how easily we were spending money on things that we could spare instead of investing more convenient stuff and a better generator ROI.

Our coach brought in her vast expertise.  She was clear that, despite all her experience, our business, just like other businesses, had a particular characteristic and that a strategy should be very personal and custom.

We landed back to a comfort zone and can say that we are blooming back and investing in a more positive way.