Making your office more Sustainable – from office Chairs to Lights

More and more people and even businesses are finding ways to make their home and offices more sustainable. Not only because they wanted to get more savings, but they also wanted to help the environment. We care so much that we wanted to help in our own special ways.

If you are currently brainstorming about how you are able to make your office more sustainable, you certainly can find tons of ideas, from office chairs to the light bulbs you are using. Let us check out some of the easy and effective ways to turn green and be more sustainable in the office.

Go Green

That is such a great two-word reminder. In the office, you can start by checking which of your stuff, equipment, tools and machines don’t go with the sustainable, go green mantra. Believe it or not, but you probably have to rip your office upside down to see that you might have been using plastics, and you’ve got tons of scrap that you need to let go or that you can recycle.

When you are sitting on your best office chair, try to make a list of all the things that you should do. One is to focus on the “reducing” side. Meaning you’ve got to think of ways how you are able to reduce your energy and water consumption. You should be aware how to sustainably use the printer, photocopiers, scanners, computers, etc. That same goes with the lights. Turn them off if you don’t use them.

Your choice of appliances and stuff is also a great way to start. As simple as the light bulbs and lamps you use makes a difference. LED lights are known energy-efficient and would mean savings. All the employees should also do their share. As simple as remembering to turn them off during holidays or not in use would be a great help.

If you have enough budget to buy solar panels, utilizing the power of the sun is also a great idea. Many establishments these days are switching to use solar power. It is cost-effective, renewable and high sustainable. If you don’t, then just make a comprehensive plan that you need to roll out with your people for them to do their part. As simple as using reusable stuff like water bottles, coffee cups, glass, etc. would help.

Do your part

Let’s face it. Not all people are willing or have the idea about how they are able to help mother earth and live a sustainable life. With the kind of lifestyle that most people have these days, thinking about how to protect the environment maybe the least of their concerns. Yet in the past decade, we have been experiencing how nature is making humans pay for what we’ve done. And don’t you love it, going green and sustainable would mean savings and lots of it. As long as you have the best ideas how to get them done. Start having a highly sustainable office now. Work it out, do your part. 

How to create sustainable water features

By the year 2030, water availability will be 40 percent below where it needs to be to support a growing population. That’s what the 2030 Water Resources Group says, a collaboration group that is working to educate businesses and the public on the need for water conservation. Most of us take it for granted that we can turn on the tap at any time and get a seemingly endless supply of the stuff. If we are ever to attain a sustainable future then we need to address the dramatic issue of water conservation. Luckily, it’s surprisingly easy to implement systems for recycling and reusing water on your property. Not only reducing water bills but also demands on shared supplies.

Water collection and reuse

If you live in an area that gets a lot of rainfall then you may be missing out on a large quantity of water that you could otherwise use for yourself. By installing cisterns, either above or below ground, you can collect and store run-off from the roof and other surfaces. These collections can then be used for watering your lawn and garden. Some companies can also design a fountain with this feature in mind like Vancouver Masonry.


Sprinklers consume an enormous quantity of water, most of which gets wasted as run-off. By installing programmable sprinklers, you can set them to run for a certain time and quantity. Combined with moisture sensors to measure the amount of water your yard needs at any given time, and you’ll save big on water consumption.

Toilets, taps and showers

A conventional flush toilet will use up to 40% of domestic water use. Putting a displacement device in your cistern will save some of that but if you really want to make a difference you should replace it with a low-flush toilet. This can cut water usage in half.
There are dozens of different models that can be used, some more effective depending on your location. Duel flush, lower flush and gravity toilets. The most water efficient is a Dry composting toilet, which uses no water at all.

Sinks can account for up to 8% of domestic water use. A conventional one uses on average 4 litres per hand wash, by installing water efficient fixtures this can be cut down to 2 litres or less.

Showers account for around 20% of domestic use. By replacing your showerhead with a low-flow one you can cut that percentage by half.

Using Nature to treat your water

There are a few ways you can use mother nature to help filter and reuse water. Something as simple as a single slant roof will allow rain runoff to be collected in one place. Positioning water tanks high above ground will cause more pressure, allowing the water to run out more efficiently. Then there is the use of certain plants to aid with water filtration. Aquatic plants, fungi and other organisms can be harnessed for large-scale filtration of contaminated water. While this method so far has only been used in commercial scale operations, new techniques could downsize it to make it more easy and affordable for residential purposes

Tips for Becoming More Sustainable in Everyday Life

If you have been listening to the news recently, you definitely know the great importance of protecting our natural resources. Many environmental advocates are pushing too hard to let the people know that our mother nature is starting to degrade. People all over the world are also having talks about climate change and are all finding ways to protect the Mother Nature.


For that reason, it would be a great help if each of us would learn and practice sustainable living. We all have the responsibility to protect our nature and preserve them for future generations.  If we don’t start doing this today, it might be too late tomorrow.


When we talk about sustainability, it is such a broad topic. But we don’t have to get things so complicated for ourselves. In our own little way, we can do something to do our share in making sure that we don’t take part on destroying our resources. Sustainability means the earth will be able to sustain and supply the needs of the entire creation.  However, with all the latest natural calamities that occur these days, we aren’t sure about how long the mother earth can provide for humans.

In that case, as humans, finding ways to live a good and sustainable life is crucial, and that without exhausting the nature so much. Living a sustainable life meaning getting on with our lives using the natural sources, not harming the environment in return. And in case we use these resources, we always find a way to replace them.

Living a Sustainable Life

You can find tons of tips on how to live a better life. The Tax X Tactical for instance is giving ideas and tips on how to have a safe and protected life. How this time, let’s check on some effective tips on how to have a more sustainable everyday life.

gardenGo Natural. Just because you can buy everything instantly in the supermarket, it doesn’t mean that you’ll depend on it. If you want to live a sustainable life, it’s time to use all natural stuff at home. From your dishwashing paste, soap, cosmetics, everything. Reducing the amount of chemical we use every day is such a huge help.

Save Energy. In your simple way, you can start saving your energy consumption at home. Do you know that by simply using an energy efficient bulbs will make a difference? You might want also need to switch to using bright LED flashlights, they don’t need much energy to use. By using energy-saving lights and equipment at home, you know that you did your own part.

Be Informed. There are too many other ways to have a sustainable life and sharing on protecting our natural resources. There are a good list of things that you can do such as walking or riding a bicycle instead of using your car just to go to the next street. You might also want to grow your own organic and botanic garden. Where you can actually harvest your own crops, organic and safe. You might also want to join some environmental groups to be able to help even more.





Why All Storage Facilities Should be Maintained on Solar Power


If there is one thing that Los Rios Storage is using so heavily, that is electricity. Just like any other storage facility in Kamloops, we use electricity like there is no tomorrow. This means heavy electric bill, huge carbon footprint and all the burden associated with being connected to the grid.

Seven Reason Why We Decided to Go Solar

With all the baggage involving electricity, we decided to go solar. Here are some of the reasons behind that decision.

  1. Its good for the environment—Solar power is clean and renewable. We always have sunshine and the last time I check, this does not produce smoke. Due to its friendliness to the environment, I can just see mother nature smile with us in turning solar.
  2. Made us independent of electricity prices—By going solar, we have freed ourselves from the burden of electricity prices. Although the initial investment of going solar is a bit expensive, we know that that long-term payoff is great. We have no regrets for going this route.
  3. We made use of our underutilized rooftops—Altough our rooftops have been our number one cover against rain, heat and snow in winter, now we have another use for it. By going solar, we have maximized the use of our rooftop because now it is producing electricity.
  4. Less electricity loss—Since we have our source of electricity just on our rooftop, we have less electricity loss. If your electricity is transported from a source miles away from where you are, you are losing a lot of electricity along the way and you are paying for it. This is not so with solar.
  5. Grid security is ensured—The excess electricity that we generate is fed back to the grid and if you multiply that with the number of homes and establishment, this means more excess electricity is fed back to the grid resulting to less blackouts. Using solar makes for a more secured grid.
  6. Minimize carbon footprints—If your electricity source is powered by coal, then you have contributed to the already staggering carbon footprints. Solar panels only need the light from the sun to generate electricity.
  7. It creates more jobs—Most of the cost of going solar goes to installation. This means that by going solar, we have helped in creating jobs for technicians doing the installations.

These are the top reasons why we went solar and so far, we have no regrets. How about you, do you plan to go solar? If you have done so already, what are your reasons for doing it? Please post a comment below.

Adding Sustainable Design To Your Home to Increase the Selling Price of Your Home

We live in great times where more and more people are moving into having a greener conscience towards their surroundings.  People are beginning to have a sense of responsibility for what is going in the world and they feel they need to take action.  This has increased the demand for environmentally-friendly products and services.  Not only does having efficient homes help reduce pollution, but it is also a way of saving energy.  This might be what most people find appealing in a home.

Take lighting for instance.  Home designs are focused towards providing more natural light during the day without the need of artificial lighting.  There is also attention given to reducing the need of cooling or warming rooms artificially by creating environments that effectively and naturally control natural temperature.

Sometimes these accommodations require some investment.  So, if you add sustainability to your home, you are adding value.  To this, you must consider the high demand that sustainable homes have.  These are houses that guarantee saving energy and, therefore helping the family economy on the medium and long term.

Now, before going crazy about turning your home into a greener one, you must sit down and elaborate on numbers.  Depending on the area where you live, potential buyers might not even notice changes made to your home for the sake of greening it up.  Installing solar panels is a great saving to your energy bill.  However, if you are immediately moving out, the benefits will not be seen by yourself.  This is where you need to sit to consider if you will be getting the returns of this investment at the moment of selling your house.

The truth is, though, that adding sustainability to your home will increase its value.  Potential buyers are looking for homes that will save them energy.  Sustainability here refers to using natural resources effectively and turning them into useful items that replace the need for expensive power-consuming alternatives.

When selling your home, make sure that clients can see the amazing features your home has and point out how these will help them save money and save the planet.  As mentioned before, homeowners are looking for such homes.  The reasons could be that they care for the planet, they want to reduce their bills, or they want to live more comfortably. Or maybe it’s a combination of the three.

People are especially appreciative of homes that power themselves with solar or wind energy.  People seem to be more aware of the impact that homes have to the environment.   It is a major thing and it could be something you might find profitable to invest on prior to selling your home.  Once again, make sure to make this transaction a profitable one.

Home values increase depending on the zone they are located. Inform yourself on the value of the property your house is and how will you be increasing its economic value by modifying it to meet modern sustainability demands.


Sustainable Carpet Cleaning Equipment

New technologies provide faster and more efficient ways of cleaning your carpets to make them always look pristine. This is a B2B service that ensures that the carpets at your corporation are always fresh and clean.  These companies also offer carpet cleaning services to homes and residentials.  Unfortunately, using a vacuum cleaner alone is no guarantee that carpets will be completely clean.  Therefore, a professional service will be required to truly guarantee a nice job.

The truth is that, when it comes to cleaning carpets or any other type of upholstery, chemical products are usually used.  While these methods might prove effective, they are not environmentally friendly and they might reduce the life of your carpet.

A greener option

There is a safer and even more effective way of getting your carpets clean.  HOST technology is becoming increasingly popular.  This technology dry-cleans your carpets using zero amount of water.  This means that gallons of water are saved during the cleaning of your carpets. This is actually an economic option if one considers all the investments needed when using water to clean carpets.

Besides saving water, cost associated with heating water and blowing your carpets to dry them reduce costs of electricity dramatically.

This technology is non-toxic and highly effective.  It leaves no residues and is definitively environmentally friendly since it leaves no residues into the environment.

A dry, effective way of cleaning your carpets

The question is now, how do these technologies work without using water at all?  The method has been developed through thorough research. Nevertheless, the principle through which it operates is rather simple.

The first thing you need to know about HOST technology is that is completely biobased.  This means that it uses natural products with a tiny bit of green chemical work.  It is all natural, meaning that it is safe for people, your family and your pets.

But how does it really work?  A polymer is brushed into the carpet before proceeding with the vacuuming.  This polymer acts as a polarized molecule that will attract and collect particles of dust, allergens, dirt, and other particles. Once all these are attached to the polymer, the vacuum collects them all.  This leaves your carpet not only clean-looking but actually clean and fresh.

Why is this a great option? 

This is a great option for your home or office.  It requires very little effort and is actually very easy to do by yourself.  If you are in a corporation, using this technology will save you money.  It does not even require water and the fact that the liquid used is washed away guarantees that your carpets will be ready to use instantly.  No more waiting for your carpets to get dry under a blower or on the air conditioning.

Using green technologies is pretty important when it comes to cleaning carpets.  This is one principle by which Yorkville Carpet Care runs.  Through the use of HOST technology, they guarantee a great job that is, effective, fast, natural, and environmentally friendly.

Solar Energy – Calculating Huge Savings


We are in a time where technology has significantly advanced and most of these are powered by electricity.  But, it is quite alarming to see the high consumption of the natural resources being used to fuel them. Besides its effect on the cost of living of every individual on this planet, we are on the verge of depleting these resources. If we don’t act now, what will happen in the future? Will the next generations be able to enjoy the comfortable life we have today?

Scientists, engineers and other professional were able to solve this dilemma. They are able to devise a way to give us electricity without depleting any resources. Do you know what is it? Solar Panels! Solar panels have paved way for us to enjoy technology without worrying about a thing, except of course, if we lose the sun, which is very far from happening.

Solar Panel has a basic component known as PV (photovoltaic) cells. These cells are used to absorb the solar energy to generate electricity. Solar energy is renewable and promising enough to provide us with the power we need for as long as the sun shines on us.

There are a lot of benefits we can reap off from using solar panels. Financial wise, we will be able to have huge savings using this energy source rather than buying it from electric companies. Some solar panels may be so expensive. But, in the long run, you will see how efficient this invention is and how it will help you save a lot of money. Calculating the expenses and savings can be projected using the best graphing calculators, which are also available using solar energy.  You will never go wrong using such devices.

Solar panels are extremely reliable, it can be a great source of power for numerous industries nowadays and it can be a source of electricity for your home too. The use of it has a lot of advantages. It is environmentally friendly compared to fuels, which releases greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide and carcinogens. It is totally safe for everyone. You can save a lot and even make money from it if you build or install an enormous panel and sell excess electricity to someone. Look at this fantastic device holistically, and you will realize and appreciate what it can do for you now and in the future.

Watch this video and know the Future of Solar Panels.

Beginner’s Guide to Solar Panels

Nowadays, energy crisis is a rising problem that the world faces. As the number of our population continues to balloon, the need for energy and power consumption also floats higher and higher and soon enough, we would experience multiple electricity outage due to shortage. However, new ways to gather energy and electricity are invented and they allow us to harness the power of the sun for our own convenience. After all, the sun is an unlimited source of energy, or at least we can get unlimited power while the sun is shining. But there are solar power solutions that will enable us to store energy from the sun when it’s not shining, especially at night or on a cloudy weather.

What are Solar Panels?

In simple words, a common solar panel used at homes is panels with glasslike material that collects the sun’s heat and converts it into electrical energy. This allows us to use the sun’s light for our electrical appliances, gadgets and devices. A common use of solar panel is for light bulbs, as those requires minimal amount of electricity.

How to Setup Solar Panels?

Before we begin, you should know that there are two types of setups, they are Off-grid and On-grid solar panel setups. Off-grid setup is useful if you want to have your own source of energy, an independent setup if you would like to call it. The second one, On-grid setup is used if you want to connect to a solar power electric company. Majority of people are using Off-grid setup because it’s your own, you control it and you are in charge of the maintenance. Therefore, we’ll only cover Off-grid setup.

Off-Grid Solar Panel Setup

This kind of setup allows you to live remotely. You can setup off-grid solar panel from your van, by the sea, on a boat or even on a remote house on top of a mountain. The very first step in setting up an independent solar panel setup is to understand how much power you use or need. You need to make sure that you can create a solar panel setup that can be as efficient as possible. However, if you want to create a full house power, say from appliances to light, you’re going to need a large panel setup, if you have the budget for it.

The very first step is to calculate your power usage and create a plan as to what size your solar panel will be. There are several things to consider when choosing the size of your solar panel. If you are just going to use it for lights and low powered appliances, a small panel might do, but if you want to use higher-powered appliances like TVs, etc. you’re going to need a larger solar panel or multiple panels. In addition to that, you have to consider your location, weather and more. If your location will have several cloudy weather, you’re going to have to invest to a larger power storage, which are batteries.

What is Sustainable Design?

As our population continues to rise up, we are in constant need for more power and energy. The ever-increasing number of families and individuals means that our resources are steadily falling down and if our population continues to balloon up, chances are that our resources will deplete and humanity may become extinct. There are several theories created to make sure that this would never happen. One of them is the use of renewable resources and energy, which is the main principle of sustainable design.

Sustainable design is already being used and implemented into many facilities, construction projects, tools, machines and communities all around the world. If we never started it, we could be in a worse condition today. But what is sustainable design, you ask? Sustainable design is a type of design that intends to created products that are made from renewable resources. In addition to that, products conceived from this kind of design intend to minimize harm done to the environment while they are being created and while they are being used. Think of it as another word for eco-friendly products, which are environmentally friendly from the production up to their end-of-life.

The Definition of Sustainable Design

We’ve explained sustainable design in a friendly manner earlier, this time; we’ll go into the details. Sustainable design (also called as environmental design, environmentally sustainable design, environmentally conscious design, eco-friendly design, renewable design, etc.) is the ideology or philosophy of designing or developing physical objects, built environment and services with the principles of social, economic and ecological sustainability.

Sustainable design is invented in order to eliminate environmental impact completely using skillful and sensitive design. One of the principles of sustainable design is using only renewable resources, minimal environmental impact and to bridge people and environment together.

Applications of Sustainable Design

Sustainable design is widely applicable to mostly everything. From small, daily use objects to massive constructions like building and even small communities. It is a philosophy that can be applied in the fields of architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, urban planning, engineering, graphic design, industrial design, interior design, fashion design and human-computer interaction.

As we have learned, sustainable design is one of the major response to global environmental crises such as the loss of natural diversity, increase in human population, depletion of natural resources and the like.


Sustainable design, in its current state, doesn’t really solve environmental crises. As of this writing, the only effect of sustainable design is to improve the efficiency of rapidly increases environmental impacts because as you can see, the growth in goods and services greatly outpaces gains in efficiency.

We still need to work on increasing the complexity of efficiency improvements in order to match the increase in goods and services.